Thursday, November 7, 2013


As I've ventured into a few other business now, I find I no longer have the time to host/moderate this blog.  Therefore, I'm shutting it down.  Really, there is no need for it any longer, since there's nothing more to be discussed except complaints and rampant speculations, both positive and negative.  I am comfortable and confident with how things are going with HIT, so I will get to the businesses at hand and simply await the good news and good fortune coming.  Good luck to you all, and maybe we'll meet somewhere someday!  If you're ever in Tucson, Arizona, I now own a smokehouse restaurant called THE HOG PIT SMOKEHOUSE...come on in and make my acquaintance!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Buy shares/sell shares thread....

This should be of some help to interested parties.  I suggest if you're looking to buy or sell HIT shares, post your name, email address, desire to buy or sell, price, and how many shares in the transaction.  This will be a public record of your request, and anyone interested can contact you.  HIT themselves will transfer the shares at your request once both parties are satisfied of the transaction.  They've done so for me, so I know they are willing to do so for others.  Good luck to you all!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

What I, PERSONALLY, know is going on...

     As promised, since the latest update didn't mention anything going on at the Governmental level, I will tell you what I know is going on behind the scenes -
     My business partner in Chicago is a VERY WELL connected man, and he's discussed HIT at length with some very powerful people.  One of the gentlemen is a shipping line power player, whose personal contacts include high-ups in the E.P.A.  Another gentlemen actually IS a high-up in the E.P.A., and actually played a part in President Obama's last minute decision to visit Sweden!  I know these things for a fact, because I was the catalyst, at the bequest of Christian Fortune. 
     As HIT and the Swedish government move forward, the US EPA will more than likely move happily along with them.  President Obama would like nothing more than to be able to put his thumbprint on any technology that would bring back the US coal and steel industries.  HIT has that technology!
     The speculation that HIT is a scam, or a sham, or B.S., or whatever other crap anyone is trying to say negative about them, is completely unfounded now, and that is the last word I will ever say about that subject.  The US EPA is NOT a frivolous agency.  The President's schedule does NOT get altered for whimsical, capricious ideas.  Anyone whose information reaches these high levels of Government scrutiny is COMPLETELY AND THOROUGHLY checked out before anything happens.  My partner and I are COMPLETELY assured that all is EXACTLY as HIT has told us!  The things going on are SO HUGE, and SO IMPACTING, we are beyond lucky to be a part of this.  It all WILL be Earth-changing!

Monday, August 26, 2013


     I want to say, firstly, that I am NO believer in coincidence.  I am, though, a firm believer in omens and signs that life sends us.  Having said this, I have to share this with you.
     Not more than 30 minutes ago, while on my way home from running some errands, I decided to get some McDonald's french fries as an afternoon snack.  The line to the drive through was long enough to inspire me to go inside and order.  No sooner had I walked in, I noticed MSNBC Stock Analysis segment was on their TV.  As soon as I looked, the close captioning that scrolled by said "...and it's going to be a bull market for some time to come.  I strongly recommend buying into SHIPPING, COAL, and STEEL."
     Needless to say, my jaw dropped, and gooseflesh rose on my arms!  A strong recommendation to investors to buy stocks in 3 of the most polluting industries in America, at a time when those industries are reeling from EPA regulations and pressures to clean up or shut down! 
     All I can think is SOMETHING is going to be making a huge impact in those industries, and it's quite possible the thinking is HIT is that something....

Friday, August 23, 2013


     August 22nd, 2013 will always be a "red-letter" day in my life now, because someone purchased $10,000USD worth of H.I.T. stock from me!  I had sent him a few of the links and asked his thoughts, particularly about the 'Crystal Concrete' concepts, as he works in the construction business.  Apparently, there is an undercurrent of rumors about it already swirling.  So, after about a month of his investigations, he decided to jump in and buy shares.  He said he doesn't want to miss out on this opportunity, because this is going to be huge!  I agree!!!